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Invited Speakers

A.S. Grabtchikov

"Continuous-wave generation in solid-state Raman lasers"

M.F. Limonov
"Spectroscopy of opal-based photonic crystals"

A.A. Onushchenko
"On anniversary conference “30 years of colloidal quantum dots”
21 – 24 May, Paris, ESPCI"

A. Gurkan Ozer
"Illicit Drug Detection with Laser:
Investigation of Optimal Parameters in Stomach Tissue and Comparison of Open and Closed Raman Systems for Stomach Tissue"

"Principal component analysis and projection on latent structures: application in spectroscopy for classification and regression"

V.I. Arbuzov
"Phosphate Glasses for Active Elements of High-Pick-Power/ High-Energy Lasers and Radiation Amplifiers"

V.L. Malevich
"Terahertz emission from cubic semiconductor induced by a transientanisotropic photocurrent"

D.S. Agafonova
"Prospects of applying luminescence of silver molecular clusters and semiconductor quantum dots for down-conversion in sensors and solar cells"

K.I. Volyanskiy
"The study of phase noise spectra of a microwave delay line optoelectronic oscillator"

P.S. Shirshnev
"Potassium-Alumina-Borate copper containing glass: technology, properties, applications"

N.V. Nikonorov
"Novel glasses and glassceramics for photonic and plasmonic applications"



♦ f- and d-ions in crystalline and non-crystalline insulators and semiconductors, energy transfer

♦ electron-phonon interaction, dynamics, relaxation of excited states

♦ optical-microwave spectroscopy

♦ magnetic resonance spectroscopy, spectroscopy of nanocrystals

♦ cooperative processes, coherent phenomena

♦ nonlinear  spectroscopy

♦ probing of organic and bio-materials

♦ charge transfer phenomena and charge ordering

♦ solid-state lasers, scintillators, phosphors

♦ crystal- chemical aspects of developing of new materials

♦ spectroscopy of photonic crystals